Ink is Thicker Than Water by Amy Spalding

For me, one of the biggest signs that you’re reading a great book is being able to relate to the characters and situations even though you’ve never been in their shoes yourself. By that standard, Ink is Thicker Than Water by Amy Spalding definitely qualifies as a great book.

Kellie is your average high school junior. She’s trying to skate through high school without putting in too much effort (that is, until she gets a position as her school paper’s humor columnist), stresses out about her new relationship with the boy she almost had sex with the previous summer and struggles to maintain old friendships while growing up and growing apart. When her adopted older sister, Sara, is contacted by Camille, her biological mother, Kellie watches as Sara’s decisions about her relationship with Camille impact their family.

Kellie’s relationship with her family really made this book for me. Where Sara is extremely smart and relatively popular, Kellie has a fantastic sense of humor and one or two close friends. She definitely feels inadequate compared to her sister, and these feelings are really reflected in the family’s dynamic. 

Their mom is a free spirit and encourages the girls to make and learn from their own decisions. After divorcing their father, their mom married Russel, a vegan tattoo artist, and had their little brother, Finn. Their mom went from being a paralegal to a tattoo artist at the shop she co-owns with Russel, The Family Ink. Kellie takes after her mom – they’re both creative and joke constantly about having “useless” talents. Family is extremely important to their mother, and they have a policy of being open and honest with each other.

Their relationship with their dad, on the other hand, is a bit more strained. Read the full review at The Daily Quirk


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